The dog and cat GPS tracker will help you sleep soundly because it ensures that you can track your dog or cat at all times, while giving them the freedom they deserve.

Dog and cat GPS tracker, how it works

Dog and cat GPS tracker: what exactly is it used for and how does it work? It’s a small locator which doesn’t affect the animal’s mobility, but it does allow us to keep our four-legged friend under observation at all times, giving us the peace of mind that we’ll be able to track him at any time, even if he runs away or loses his way back home. A cat GPS is also useful: although cats are famous for being very independent animals, being able to track them will reassure any cat owner.

Dog and cat GPS tracker

GPS tracker for dogs and cats, the models

The dog and cat GPS tracker is a small device which attaches directly to your dog’s or cat’s collar and allows you to track their every movement and position using a dedicated app. The price of the transmitters tends to vary widely, and ranges from forty to one hundred and twenty euros. One of the best products is the Kippy GPS, which can track dogs and cats in real time: it offers a location history, has an integrated sim and works with a free dedicated app. There’s also a specific version for cats, Kippy CAT GPS for cats, a specific GPS tracker for cats. Kippy Evo is a small transmitter with a collar and integrated sim. It requires a subscription and works with an app for Android and iOS.