Kibble is one of the most popular foods for most dogs. That’s why we’ve decided to make a mini-list of the two best products to buy for your four-legged friend, whether he’s a puppy or a large animal.

Monge for puppies

Medium Puppy & Junior from Monge are kibbles for small and medium-sized dogs. You will find products in various sizes, from 800 grams to 3 and 8 kg.

The ingredients are: chicken, oregano, garlic and artichoke extract. These elements are particularly digestible by the puppies and suitable for maintaining other immune defences. Natural prebiotics and minerals such as phosphorus and calcium are also present, in this case to help the growth of bones and joints. 2-4 meals per day are recommended for dogs up to 12 months of age, but there is a table in the pack for you to consult. The food can be eaten on its own or moistened with a little water.

Dog food

Best dog for large breeds

The Preferiti Miglior Cane (Best Dog Favourites) range is intended for large dogs. The kibble of this brand is made up of rice and chicken, but also mineral salts, vitamins (C and E) and proteins. Moreover, for your four-legged friend, the presence of fructo-oligosaccharides and mannan-oligosaccharides facilitates digestion and the expulsion of intestinal bacteria.

These kibbles are sold in various formats and the dog can eat them dry or with a little warm water. Again, a table on the back of the packet will show you the recommended daily dose.