Constantly monitoring your dog or cat, your car or any other object is easy thanks to a GPS tracker, a small device that allows you to track the position of the object or subject in question at all times. But at the same time you need a SIM card for a GPS tracker, which is indispensable for the proper functioning of your device.

SIM cards for GPS trackers, what are they for?

But what exactly are SIM cards for GPS trackers used for?They are needed to activate the pairing and pinpoint the position via the map, which can then be viewed on the smartphone or tablet.

SIM for GPS tracker

But which are the best SIM cards for GPS trackers to choose from?

GPS, the Global Positioning System, allows the position of the subject or object in question to be identified extremely precisely and in all weather conditions. However, a SIM card must also be connected to the GPS tracker. But what are the best SIM cards for GPS trackers? Let’s take a look at some of them. Vodafone offers the Smart SIM for €10 with a low fixed rate and very simple management via the Vodafone Smart App, which is also suitable for the GPS Tracker. Things Mobile is a SIM card suitable for GPS trackers that offers 10 euros of credit included and can be purchased for 15 euros.

Iliad Giga 50 is a low-cost solution with 120 GB, unlimited minutes to call any number in Italy, “no limits” sms for €9.99 per month, with free activation cost and €9.99 to buy the Iliad SIM. WindTre Smart Security costs €24.90 per year and offers a SIM with 50 minutes, 250 sms and 500 MB with automatic top-up.