Are you thinking about looking for a pedigree Corsican dog for mating? You will need to assess several elements. What is the best time for mating? What characteristics should you look for in a dog for mating? In any case, choose a dog that is well-balanced, well-fed and free of disease.

Corsican dog, characteristics

The Corsican dog is a dog with a calm and quiet character, but is very attached to its family. It’s a calm and peaceful large dog that can rest for many hours a day, but is a very territorial dog with a strong sense of protection towards its family. It’s a Molossis of Italian origin and is mainly found in southern regions. It’s intelligent, lively, sweet, loyal and protective of its owner. Many people think that the Corsican dog is a dangerous dog, but this is often the result of mistakes made by owners who bring them up to guard and relegate them to the garden or train them to attack strangers. Instead, it’s a perfect breed for families and children because it’s a dog that loves to play.

Corsican dogs for mating

Corso dogs for mating, how to choose

If you are looking for a Corsican dog for mating, you will also need to understand the appropriate characteristics to look for. Make sure you are aware of the dog’s health conditions. It’s a breed that is prone to certain congenital pathologies such as hip dysplasia, but also knee ligament problems, osteochondritis of the hock and torsion of the stomach. Beware also of dendrocytosis, a dermatological disease and prone to heat stroke in summer. Remember that the female dog is most receptive during the second week of heat when she stops menstruating. Be careful because mating is not always easy. Most of the time the female can also attack an unknown male. It would be better to let the two dogs get to know each other for at least 3 to 5 months of the year to avoid the problem of rejection or an attack at the time of mating.