If you want to know exactly where your four-legged friend is at all times, you can use a very simple GPS tracking collar: this is a traditional collar, but it’s fitted with a small GPS device which allows you to keep track of your pet’s movements.

GPS tracking collar, what is it?

But what is a GPS tracking collar? It’s a simple pet collar with a small GPS device attached. It’s a GPS tracker which allows you to track your pet at all times. While there are different models of GPS collars, they all have the same functionality. They work without any limits in terms of distance, collect movement history and monitor your pet’s activities. They have a battery which lasts between two and five days depending on the type of use. The GPS tracking collar then has to be connected to a smartphone tracking app to be able to view the location of your four-legged friend free of charge. One of the various subscription plans is then linked to the app.

GPS tracking collar

GPS tracker collars, the different models

There are different types of GPS tracking collars, but their operation is practically the same. The location of your pet will be sent directly from the GPS to your mobile phone or PC, thanks to precise localisation. There are several models, but they’re all small, waterproof and extremely durable. You can also monitor your pet’s physical activity by setting different goals.