Permanently locate your dog and track them without any worries? It’s easy thanks to the dog tracker, a special and innovative satellite collar that works as a tracking system specifically for hunting dogs and has been developed to work even in the most extreme conditions.

What is a Dog tracker?

Dog trackers are aninnovative tracking system specifically for hunting dogs that has been conceived and developed to work in extreme conditions and which also works without a specific handheld device. Tracker is a GPS-GSM collar that uses GPS to identify the location of the dogs and uses the telephone network to send the data to a central server. From this server, and with a simple click, the application installed on the mobile phone retrieves all the data showing the dogs’ movements in real time. Even with poor telephone coverage, Tracker works perfectly thanks to an external antenna that allows it to receive even the smallest signal available. It can also be supplied with a card to connect to any telephone operator. Tracker makes it possible to re-establish contact between the owner and the dog even with a minimal connection, regardless of distance.

Dog tracker

Dog tracker, battery and smartphone

The dog tracker collar is equipped with newly developed long-life batteries with no memory for recharging. Of course, the average life depends on the data update time and ranges from 24 hours with the position update setting every 3 seconds, up to 72 hours with standard settings, every 60 seconds, to over 120 hours with the 30-minute setting. It is also possible not to leave the dog monitoring app open all the time. After verifying that the collars are working properly, you can exit the app and then access the app later to retrieve the dogs’ movement history, extending battery life.