Dog collars? This is an important item that must be worn by the dog from puppyhood. It is important that the dog learns to tolerate the collar because it is also compulsory together with the leash when leaving the house. Colored puppy collars? These are lightweight, colorful collars that serve mainly a decorative function for puppies.

Collars for puppies

Not all collars are the same. There are many different models and many different materials. The collar should be chosen according to its function, and can be a clamp, choke or semi-clamp collar, but in the case of puppies it is obviously necessary to opt for a clamp collar. Perfect for small dogs, it is ideal for puppies, especially in their first few months. Colored puppy collars are lightweight and come in different colors so that you can distinguish between puppies correctly. It consists of a fabric, nylon or leather strap and is fastened with an adjustable buckle or snap hook.

Colored puppy collars

It is important that your puppy wears the collar from the start to prevent them from refusing to wear it at a later date. It is better to go ahead and gradually get them used to it with a series of small rewards.

Colored puppy collars, how to choose

There are various colored puppy collars on the market, but we could also opt for a kind of cloth facsimile at first. Choose a long, light ribbon in a different color that you can tie with a simple bow to your puppy. Remember that if your puppy refuses to wear the collar, you will need to quickly remove it from their neck and try again later.  One of the best sets is Trixie’s Junior Set of puppy collars, made from adjustable webbing, with a safety lock. This makes it easy to distinguish between puppies and get them used to wearing a collar from a young age. All collars are without a D-ring.