Losing your dog can be distressing and painful, but to avoid this you can choose a collar with a GPS device to monitor your dog and know exactly where he is. What are the sim plans, i.e. the tariff plans for sims that only require the network for GPS dogs? Let’s find out together.

GPS tracker with SIM

The feature of a GPS tracker with SIM is that it allows the position of the dog to be known in real time with the GPS device. Without the presence of a SIM, we would not be able to check the position in real time. It therefore requires a SIM phone plan.

Tariff plans, what are they

What are the different sim plans, price plans for sim with only necessary network for GPS dogs?

SIM plan (price plans for sim with only necessary network for GPS dogs)

Kippy EVO is the first device that combines GPS localization with the complete tracking of your pet’s activities. It differs from all other devices of the kind for its innovative and ergonomic design and its dimensions, which make it comfortable for your dog. It also comes with an integrated SIM card that must be activated by choosing from 4 service packages. The packages and their costs vary according to the duration: the basic monthly package costs € 9.99 with a minimum 4-month commitment, the premium, lasting 1 year, costs 69.99. Finally, for the duration of 2 and 5 years of subscription the prices are € 99.99 and € 199.99.

Tractive GPS DOG LTE is a dog tracker that allows you to keep your four-legged friend under control at all times. It requires a subscription from just €4.17/month, but has no mobile phone charges and no extra costs because it works with a built-in SIM card. You will need to choose the subscription plan for your tracker, monthly, 1, 2 or 5 years, download the free Tractive GPS application and start tracking your dog. There are two types of subscriptions, Basic or Premium. Basic has a monthly subscription at € 12, Annual at € 72, 2-year at € 96. Premium is divided into Annual from € 84, Biennial at € 120. Five-year from € 240.

Vodafone Curve is a small and lightweight smart GPS tracker compatible with iOS and Android, which requires a paid subscription. It works with a Vodafone Smart SIM included. It has two pricing plans, €29.99 for 12 months of Vodafone Smart SIM service, €39.99 for 24 months of Vodafone Smart SIM service.

Things Mobile’s SIM card for data and SMS traffic is ideal for GPS trackers. It has no expiry date or fixed costs.