Knowing in real time, but also recording and storing the exact position of people, cars, motorbikes or animals? It’s easy if you decide to use a radio locator. Whatexactly is it, how does it work? And what is it used for? 

What is a radio locator?

What exactly is a radio locator? It is adevice, also known as a radio frequency locator or radio frequency tracking device, which uses radio frequency to send and receive information between two components with the aim of achieving a location. A radio locator is sold with a remote control and one or more tags that must be placed or attached to the object or subject being tracked, such as a dog or car. Radio frequency is in fact a technology that is present in every home, for example, your television, computer, telephone or radio.

Radio locator (what it is and what it is for)

Radio locator, what it is used for

The radio locator, which works by radio frequency, offers the possibility of knowing the exact position of people and objects by monitoring their movements. There are, of course, a number of advantages such as its low cost and the fact that it is a tracking system that is not dependent on the mobile phone network or GPS. The battery life is about 1 year, and it is very accurate if you want to track the subject within a small distance. At the same time, however, there are a number of disadvantages. If it is used as a monitoring system for your pet, it can only detect its position within a few hundred meters. In addition, trees or natural or artificial obstacles can reduce the distance at which the radio frequency locator works. In short, it is suitable for identifying the position of a subject or object that is not too far away from its original location.