Locating the exact position ofsomeone can also be useful if it’s an elderly family member, mum, dad and grandparents, who may be suffering from memory loss and have health problems. Using an Alzheimer’s locator can be useful for keeping an eye on our loved ones and rushing in when needed. Alzheimer’s is a degenerative disease that unfortunately also causes momentary memory loss and a state of confusion.

Locator for elderly Alzheimers, why it’s useful

The Alzheimer’s tracker is basically a GPS tracker, a locator equipped with a GPS antenna which, thanks to GPS, is able to establish the exact position of the person wearing it by connecting to the appropriate apps or programmes available to communicate and know the position at a distance. The tracker can then be worn with a GPS bracelet, GPS in the backpack, GPS in the shoe. There are different models designed for different needs.

Elderly Alzheimer’s tracker, models

There are different models of GPS trackers, but basically there are GPS trackers with SIM and GPS trackers without SIM. The feature of a GPS tracker with SIM is that it allows you to know in real time the position of the object in which the GPS device has been inserted. Without the presence of a SIM card, it’s not possible to check the position in real time, which is only displayed later, after downloading all the data to a computer or Smartphone.

GPS Trackers without SIM are devices that do not communicate their position in real time (precisely because they are not equipped with a data SIM to send the position to an App), but record the coordinates by creating a LOG file that can be consulted later.

GPS Trackers with SIM are equipped with SIM and can send real-time position data to a tracking App.