Constant meowing and restlessness, uninterrupted rubbing against legs and people. These are the main symptoms of cats in heat, which are often very difficult to manage. But what are grandmother’s remedies for cats in heat?

Cat on heat, symptoms

What are the symptoms of a cat on heat? The cat has an estrous cycle, as she does not menstruate and never loses blood. The cat’s heat lasts from three to ten days. If there is no mating, the cat will have a brief loss of blood to allow the uterus to regenerate and then the blood flow will resume three days after the previous one was interrupted. This cycle is only interrupted in winter because of the cold weather. In the heat period, the cat tends to be particularly restless and difficult to manage, but there are some good grandmotherly remedies for cats in heat.

Grandmother’s remedies for cats on heat

Grandma’s remedies for cats in heat, tips

Granny’s remedies for cats in heat are a range of natural substances that act as tranquillizers that can be used at any time in a cat’s life, from heat to restlessness from external agents. The best remedies are valerian, a plant that has a mild sedative effect and acts as a muscle relaxant. There are also a number of homeopathic herbal remedies that are designed to calm all types of cats. Ignatia Amara, Bach flowers and lavender hydrolate, is useful for treating the anxiety that arises during the courtship period.