Can’t decide between a Pitbull and a Retriever? You could go for the Pitbull Retriever, an extremely rare hybrid between the Golden Retriever and the American Pitbull Terrier. It’s a very rare breed, a faithful playmate, but one which carries the bad reputation of the Pitbull.

Pitbull Retriever, characteristics

The Pitbull Retriever is by no means a dog for everyone: it’s an extremely rare hybrid which needs an owner who can take care of it with dedication and hard work. It’s virtually impossible to predict the behaviour and temperament of this Pitbull Retriever mix. It’s a dog which needs a lot of exercise, but there’s no official standard for this hybrid – it can be thin or it can have a more muscular build. It’s a dog which has coats of different colours, from the solid gold of the Golden Retriever or a mix of darker colours on a white base: it can also be bicolour or tricolour with fur of any length. The grooming varies according to the type of hair.

Pitbull Retriever

Personality of the Pitbull Retriever

What is the personality of a Pitbull Retriever? It’s a dog with many pros: it’s much more docile than a Pitbull, it’s an excellent family dog, and it’s a protective guard dog, but it also loves to socialise. The cons include a tendency to become a large dog, to become destructive when bored or left alone. In addition, their behaviour and temperament can be unpredictable. They need plenty of healthy food with a preference for raw food and protein in particular, but fruit and vegetables are just as important.