A GPS collar is a special type of collar which allows you to track your four-legged friend’s activities and to identify his exact location using your smartphone. Thanks to the GPS device which is attached to the collar, you’ll always be able to track your pet.

GPS collar, details

The GPS collar is a very simple dog or cat collar which is connected to a special GPS device: it’s a locator which allows you to track the activity and location of your pet at all times. Obviously, there are different types of GPS collars, but the way they work is always the same: the GPS collar is a collar with a small device which is attached directly to the collar and allows unlimited distance tracking as well as the collection of the pet’s movement history.

GPS collar

GPS collar, how it works

The GPS collar must be connected to a tracking app on your smartphone or tablet and it allows you to view the location of your four-legged friend at any time, free of charge. These apps, which are compatible with iOS and Android devices, allow you to easily locate your four-legged friend. Also, each app also comes with a different kind of subscription. There are different models of GPS collars, including the Kippy and Garmin. These are small, durable, waterproof devices which can be attached to your four-legged friend’s collar.