GPS tracking? It is undoubtedly very useful if you want to monitor the movements of people, children or the elderly, but also pets. All you need is a simple GPS tracker, but also numerous GPS apps.

GPS tracking apps, what they are

There are numerous GPS apps of various kinds that can be used to track a person, animal or object. These are generally apps developed for Android and iOS that can be associated with specific tracking systems, such as dog collars, but there are also numerous other tracking apps.

GPS app

GPS tracking apps, the best ones

One of the best GPS apps is Life360, a popular free tracking app developed for Android and iOS that allows you to identify and share the location of your contacts on a detailed map, but also chat and track a stolen or lost smartphone.

Famisafe, also for Android and iOS, is a platform designed specifically for families, and especially for parents, as it allows them to control the location of their children and also activate a number of security measures, such as blocking certain websites, monitoring time spent on specific apps, or disabling access to specific sites or apps. Glympse, for Android and iOS, is an app similar to the above that allows you to share your location with friends, family and contacts. In this case, it is not necessary to subscribe to the platform. There are also a number of apps that allow you to find out the position of a person via the GPS of your smartphone, also to find your smartphone if it is stolen. These include the apps Where is it or Find My iPhone and Find My Phone for Android smartphones.