Anti-dog spray: when can it be used and when is it actually useful? These sprays may seem harsh, but it’s also true that they can be essential in case of danger, the only thing which can protect us and perhaps our four-legged friend too.

Anti-dog spray, characteristics

Anti-dog spray is a personal defence product which can be used at any time: simple to use and very effective, it allows you to protect yourself and your four-legged friend. You think you’re going for a peaceful walk with your dog, only to realise that a large, aggressive dog is about to attack you. The only solution is to have an anti-dog spray to hand to keep the dog at bay and give you a chance to escape. The best anti-dog sprays are pepper sprays, which are a very effective self-defence tool.

Anti-dog spray

Anti-dog spray, how it works

One of the best anti-dog sprays is TW 1000 Contra Dog Spray. It’s a product which allows you to protect yourself thanks to a 3-metre jet. The effects are short-lived, but it’s ideal for escaping the ferocity of an aggressive dog or perhaps for settling a dog fight. It’s a product which can drive away all kinds of vicious animals, without harming the animal. It’s perfect for postal workers and joggers, as well as cyclists or simply owners of small dogs which are at risk of being attacked.