Best guard and companion dog? What exactly are you looking for? That’s not to say that an excellent guard dog can’t also be an excellent companion dog. On the contrary, there are plenty of dog breeds which are loyal friends, but also excellent guard dogs which are perfect for keeping in flats.

Best guard and companion dog, characteristics

The best guard and companion dog is a dog which is both territorial and extremely attached to its family. Among the various breeds which are capable of combining these two aspects, there are the Bull Mastiff, which is very protective of its owner, the Doberman and the Rottweiler, which is perfect as a guard dog but also loves to have contact with its owner, as well as small dogs like the Chihuahua, which is extremely territorial and attached to its owner, and the Yorkshire Terrier with its shrill barking towards strangers.

Best guard and companion dog

Best guard and companion dog, which one to choose

If you’re looking for the best guard and companion dog, the German Shepherd could be the right choice. The German Shepherd is an extremely intelligent dog which is protective of its family, and is perfect for keeping at home. It’s an ideal companion dog, affectionate and protective of children. But at the same time it’s a perfect guard dog, very territorial and wary of strangers. It’s one of the breeds which is often selected by law enforcement agencies for its exceptional sense of smell.