Ticks are external parasites that can be extremely dangerous for our four-legged friends because they can cause very serious diseases. It is therefore important to protect our dogs with the most suitable tick repellents for dogs. Let’s find out what they are and how they work because prevention is extremely important.

What tick repellents are for dogs

Prevention is indispensable. Your vet will be able to recommend the most suitable antiparasitic products for dogs for your four-legged friend’s lifestyle. Anti-parasitics can be in spot-on form, such as tablets, collars, sprays and nebulizers, and can be purchased in pharmacies and pet shops. The choice is varied, as is the application, but it is always good to choose good antiparasitic products that are also tick repellents for dogs.

Tick repellents for dogs

What are tick repellents for dogs?

Not all antiparasitic products for dogs are the same and in some the repellent action is absent, but prevention is only complete if you reduce the real and concrete possibility of the parasites biting your dog. Tick bites are painful and very annoying because the strong itching they cause can also cause the animal to scratch or lick itself excessively, with the risk of injury and infection. In short, it is better to prevent than to cure. If you are looking for tick repellents for dogs, youcan also choose natural products. For example, you can soak a piece of cloth in a bowl of hot water and vinegar. Wring out the cloth and then pour over it two drops of cedar essential oil and two drops of lavender. Use the cloth to rub thedog’s coat once a day to perfume the dog’s coat, but also to protect your four-legged friend from ticks.