Cat and dog ticks are extremely small, if not almost invisible to the naked eye, but at the same time they can attach themselves to the animal and suck its blood. Tick spray can be a good solution for protecting your four-legged friends as well as your home environment.

Ticks, symptoms and dangers

Ticks are small, but dangerous. They prefer environments with high humidity and mild temperatures and can transmit many diseases such as Lyme disease because they cause serious health problems not only for dogs, but also for humans. Dogs and cats are exposed to many different parasites, such as ticks, in different places, such as meadows, forests, parks. It is necessary to protect our four-legged friends with a specific product, such as tick spray. In dogs, the tick causes very specific symptoms, all localized at the site of the bite. The area is affected by intense and constant itching, which may be accompanied by a circumscribed erythema, and, at the bite, the animal’s skin may end up tearing and begin to bleed.

Tick spray

Tick sprays, how they work

How does tick spray work? It is an extremely simple product to apply. Frontline spray, for example, is a tick spray, which is a suitable treatment for quickly eliminating fleas and ticks in dogs and cats. It should be sprayed 3 to 6 ml/kg of weight on the coat and protects the dog for about a month, also suitable for pregnant pets. There are also numerous tick repellent sprays for children, such as ANTI-BRUMM® Kids, which protects children against ticks for five hours. DeTick is a useful product as an anti-parasite, insect and tick repellent with a long-lasting effect for humans.