If GPS is a useful satellite tracker for all dogs, so that they can be traced should they get lost, GPS for hunting dogs is even more important. But what exactly is it and what features does it have?

What is GPS for hunting dogs

GPS for hunting dogs is a specific product designed for all types of hunting.  It details satellite collars with maps suitable for all types of hunting, from wild boar to hare and woodcock, tracking devices with mapping and training that work even in the most extreme conditions.

GPS for hunting dogs

GPS for hunting dogs, the models

Which GPS for hunting dogs to choose? There are, of course, several models, but let’s discover some of them. X30 is the New GPS Device from VNT by C&CHunting. It features an X30 tracking system that allows you to easily locate up to 13 dogs at the same time both from a handheld device and from an App on a mobile phone. It is a very versatile tool and suitable for different types of hunting activities.  Tracker, on the other hand, is a GPS-GSM collar that identifies the position of dogs and, thanks to the telephone network, can send the data to a central server. With one click, you can check the data from the app on your mobile phone, showing the dogs’ movements in real time. And even with poor phone coverage, Tracker works perfectly thanks to an external antenna that allows it to receive even with a low signal and to re-establish contact between the owner and the dog even when there is no connection. The GPS Satellite Collars for Boar Hunting Dogs with integrated Anti-Theft System is made for hunting from hounds and works up to 70 km of reception with a duration of up to 4 days, support topographic maps, satellite and GEMF. Garmin’s GPS collars allow you to track the position of your hunting dogs at all times, trace their movements and find out what kind of activities they are doing.