Siamese: elegance and unique nature

Siamese cat It has an elegant tubular shape with long and slender lines. It also has a short coat in 4 colors: – Seal: the extremities are black. The body…


Sometimes you reward your dog for bad behavior, did you know that?

To paraphrase Thorndike’s law of effect, rewarding a behavior leads to the increase in its frequency, while failing to reward a specific behavior leads to a decrease in its frequency….


Bring home a dog: what does it mean?

It’s important that the choice of bringing home a dog is aware of the responsibilities and the commitment that is required for the subsequent years. Too often it happens that…


Jack Russell Terrier: energetic bomb

Jack Russell is one of the most energetic breed you can meet. It’s a perfect working dog, prey oriented, with a strong tenacity and very determinated. Although it’s a small…


Puppy or adult dog?

Take a puppy certainly has advantages for example you can teach everything from start preventing bad habits from day one. But the puppies are challenging and require a lot of…