Making a DIY dog kennel? It´s not that difficult

Passion for creativity? This article is perfect for you! In fact, below we will see how to build a kennel easily and quickly.

Identify the style you want to use, also based on the decor of your home. Let’s start learning how to build a kennel.

How to build a kennel quickly and easily

Watchwords: style and functionality. The kennel should reflect the style of your property but, at the same time, it must be comfortable and functional for your four-legged friend. How do you start?

The structure should be adapted to the outdoor environment in which it will be placed, so first take a look at the site to decide which dimensions the kennel will have. You can then proceed by choosing the base on which the kennel will stand. A concrete platform, for example, will be solid and resistant and will also allow bowls to be placed on the outside of the doghouse, to keep the internal area as clean as possible.

How to build a dog kennel

Since kennels are outdoor structures, you will have to make sure you use appropriate materials: wooden slats are perfect (preferably rather wide), ensuring solidity and high resistance, especially to the weather. The inside floor must be cleaned regularly: you can use a grid with a tray, which is easy to extract and sanitise.

The roof will have to protect the dog from rain or the heat of summer, so it´s good to use a sloping structure, to let the water run down. The structure should be well insulated to maintain the right temperature even when it is very hot. There are do-it-yourself kits available that are perfect for those wanting to try their hand at building a kennel.

The order to follow to build the kennel

First install the floor, then the rear area of ​​the kennel and the side parts, fixing them with at least three screws. Then proceed in the same way for the front part, always fixing everything firmly to the floor. For the roof, there are usually two boards available that will be placed against each other, starting with the smaller pitch. This will be positioned on one side of the doghouse, firmly fixed with reinforcement strips.

1 How to build a dog kennel

Marine plywood kennels are perfect for use in rain and humidity. In this case, the roof can also consist of a single inclined pitch (board). Polystyrene can be used for the insulating coating, an excellent ally against the winter cold and summer heat. There are many types of dog kennel that can be made but those with thermal insulation are highly recommended. Particular attention should be paid to the entrance size – if Rocky cannot get through it is a big problem! Now that you know everything about building kennels, all you have to do is choose the right one for your best friend.