There are many legends about the number of lives our feline friends have. Among the most popular are the beliefs that associate 7 or 9 lives with cats. But is it really so? How many lives do cats have? Let’s find out here together.

Do cats have 7 or 9 lives?

Their adventurous nature, agility and imprudence have always made cats truly mysterious animals, with countless lives that can be used when needed. In some countries of the world, traditions associate cats with 7 lives whilst in others even 9. What is certain is that their lifespan certainly does not depend on the country of birth or the state in which they grow up.

On the other hand, the quality of their life is incisive: nutrition, health care and prevention contribute to promoting the cat’s well-being. Our feline friends have always fascinated and intrigued mankind precisely for their ability and agility: cunning and resourceful, not to mention their skills as climbers! In Western countries, cats are believed to have 7 lives. Number 7 is not accidental but it symbolises completeness and perfection. In the Middle Ages cats were even attributed supernatural gifts and magical powers, so much that they were considered allies of evil presences and witches. The multiple resilience that cats revealed even after really dangerous events in the past reinforced these beliefs. Their reflexes (including that of always falling upright on their paws) have made them, over time, a symbol of agility and boundless survival. In fact, we often happen to witness almost surreal situations, where we would expect the worst and, instead, a shake and everything is ok – the cat is unharmed even after a very high jump or a sudden fall.

How many lives do cats have?

In Anglo-Saxon countries, however, it is believed that cats have 9 lives at their disposal. The number 9 always symbolises resistance and stamina even to great physical stress. In Buddhist culture, this number refers to the concept of resilience and rebirth. A legend relates that Buddha left some cats to guard the Sura tree; these, drinking the miraculous liquid that came out of the branches, fell into a cathartic state and then magically awakened. Truth or legend? Who knows, obviously for us these are just pleasant stories but what is certain is that our cat friends are truly mysterious, curious and full of surprises. So it doesn’t matter if they have 7 or 9 lives, what really matters is to make the one spent with us as happy as possible!