Let’s find out together how long a dog’s life expectancy is.

Unfortunately, as we well know, nothing is forever. When it comes to our pet friends, they can break our hearts. We know that, compared to ours, their life is much shorter but intense nevertheless. So how long do dogs live?

Let’s find out together.

Average life of a furry friend

Many studies have been carried out regarding the question: how long do dogs live? Has the average life expectancy changed over time? Studies have clarified the fact that, currently, the average dog lifespan can be 12/13 years, thanks to several factors that have led to a longer life not only for them, but also for us humans.

How long do dogs live

Among these, diets have definitely improved with a trend towards healthy and balanced foods. In addition, a healthier lifestyle and better health care have certainly helped increase life expectancy.

Obviously, not all breeds have the same characteristics and, therefore, not all dogs experience the same life expectancy. It is certainly true that small dogs and mixed breed dogs have a longer life than other four-legged friends.

Which breed lives the longest?

Incredible but true: the Chihuahua. Small and vital, this dog has what it takes, and on average can even reach 20 years. The Dachshund and Poodle, the Shih Tzu, the Yorkshire and, finally, the Volpino also follow closely. These breeds are small but very strong! The real reason why these small dogs are likely to have a long life at the expense of large dogs is not yet known.

1 How long do dogs live

Breeds such as the Cocker, in fact, tend to live about 14/15 years; the Golden Retriever can live for around 12/13 years, whereas big breeds like the Great Dane may only reach 9/10 years. Our little dogs are much more fortunate than in the past: food is always ready, they are taken care of, have long walks, warm coats and a lot of medical care.

In the past, they did not have much medical care, and very often animals were left to fend for themselves. Today, however, thanks also to periodic vaccines and protection against fleas, ticks, etc., their health is always put first. Love too. So, for the years to come, let’s enjoy our furry friends as much as possible.