Anyone who owns a cat knows it well: yes to salad, but without cucumbers! It may sound ridiculous, and maybe it is a bit, but our cats really fear cucumbers. Why? Here you will find out why cats are afraid of cucumbers.

Cats and cucumbers: why are they afraid?

Daring, brave, agile and defying danger, cats can face any obstacle and adversary but don’t let them stare at a cucumber! Have you ever tried to turn around and show him one? The cat is sure to run away. But why does this happen? The same thing happens if they find the cucumber in an unexpected place: near their bowl, in their den, above the scratching post or in the litter box. The explanation is quite simple: the cat fears the surprise effect. A cat, in fact, would never expect to find a cucumber near his bowl, the quiet place where he eats and considered by him to be a safe place. Perhaps we would have the same reaction too, in fact, if we opened a drawer for example and found a scary black hairy insect inside. Wouldn’t we?

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?

Another explanation about why cats fear cucumbers can be associated with the figure of the snake, which has always been their natural enemy. Obviously the same would happen with a courgette or something similar. The cat does not like surprises and any strange object in the wrong place will make it run off. The presence of a cucumber causes a frightened reaction with the cat raising its tail and leaping backwards. This is a defensive reaction with a related escape. As mentioned earlier, this also happens in the natural world. If the cat is used to wandering in your garden and suddenly a snake emerges from a hedge, the reaction will be the same. Adventurous by nature, cats are, however, tied to their routine: smells, sounds, objects … everything must be under control.

What are cats afraid of?

Felines, therefore, are not afraid of the cucumber itself but they fear the unexpected. This behaviour is reminiscent of the fear of the predator and the negative sensation they feel at the sight of a cucumber can really be compared to what they would feel at the sight of a snake. Remember that maybe it may seem funny to tease him a little and scare him on purpose, but don’t overdo it. Fear can cause cats real stress and to negatively stimulate them is not good for their health. So choose games that they can enjoy and that they relate to. Leave the cucumbers well hidden in the refrigerator!