A rich and balanced diet is the best solution for your feline friend. That’s why it is good to know what cats eat, in order to choose the right diet to keep them healthy and give them what they enjoy.

What cats can eat

Humans and animals should have a proper diet, varied and rich in all essential nutritional components. So what do cats eat? Let’s start by saying that cats are mainly carnivorous animals and therefore feed on animal proteins such as beef, chicken, turkey and small amounts of cured meats that can be served every now and then as a snack. It would be better to to avoid raw meat as it could cause problems, especially if it’s not fresh. Add whole grains, which are sources of protein. You can try brown rice, polenta, barley and millet. For kitties with a sweet tooth, couscous is also an option! Fish is also excellent, a source of Omega-3 necessary for eye health, to prevent kidney disease and to keep the heart healthy. Fruits and vegetables, as always, are rich sources of vitamins but not all cats appreciate them: try mixing them perhaps with the usual food. Finally, eggs and cheese in small quantities are excellent sources of protein. The eggs should always be cooked!

What do cats eat

What cats should not eat

As with dogs, there is a list of foods that cats should avoid. These include chocolate, grapes, raisins, garlic, onions, bread dough, nuts, alcohol and xylitol (mainly contained in sugar-free candies and gums). These foods are definitely not tolerated by cats and if ingested in large quantities, they could even lead to death. Therefore, always keep prohibited foods hidden – cats are skilled and curious hunters who love to discover things, so be careful!

What do little cats eat

During the first few weeks of life, small cats are fed exclusively on their mothers milk. This will be enough until the fourth week of life, after which other foods should be included. From six weeks, the kitten will be able to eat dry food (croquettes); if these are too hard for its teeth, you can try to moisten them a little with warm water. You can also choose a wet (canned) food diet later on – always make sure it’s well balanced. Once you have identified your favourite brand and box, you can give your cat mouth-watering meals. Indulge in snacks from time to time such as dried fish, strips of meat or hen’s feet.