Sometimes curious and adventurous kittens tend to spend too much time in our gardens, perhaps even causing some minor damage. Let’s find out how to get rid of cats who have become too curious!

How to remove cats from the garden

We should be firm but respectful towards the animals. This strategy should be applied when it becomes necessary to remove cats from the garden, whether they are strays or even from our own building. Our feline friends, in fact, can often cause damage to plants, flowers and gardens and it is therefore good to know how to solve this problem. In addition to physical barriers, such as fences or nets, you can use four natural tricks: the first is catnip. Catnip, in fact, is an excellent deterrent as it will induce the cat to forget about everything else. Moreover, it has excellent qualities to help its digestion. So, place a few patches of grass here and there in your garden. Another solution is coffee grounds: the unpleasant smell could convince the cat to divert its attention elsewhere. Sprinkle some into your flower and plant pots. Citrus fruit skins have the same effect! Finally, try medicinal and aromatic plants such as sage, mint, lemon balm, lavender, etc. These are the four best tips to gently remove cats from the garden!

How to keep cats away

How to keep away cats that pee

A cat that urinates between your plants or in your garden can be no less annoying. How can you prevent cats from peeing in the wrong place and keep them away? You can try using a cloth or an old garment with your scent; the cat will love being in the area where it will smell your scent! In addition, the detergents we use to clean outdoor floors often release an acid smell similar to urine inducing the cat to return to the spot that has just been cleaned. Get some vinegar and that’s it! Another natural repellent is garlic: sprinkle some near pots and flower beds – the cat is guaranteed to leave! White pepper or cayenne pepper achieves a similar result, although it could lead to some annoying sneezing for the cat. Finally, remember that although the Ruta plant has a scent smelling velvety to us, it is really unpleasant for cats. You can place a few plants in your garden near the areas that have to be kept clear. You now know everything about natural remedies that deter cats peeing in the wrong place.