Are they friends or enemies? Dogs and cats have always been considered typical antagonists, a bit like cat and mouse. But is this really the case? In many cases, the opposite happens and love dominates immediately between the two species. Let’s see how dogs and cats can get along.

How to encourage cats and dogs to get along

Is coexistence really impossible? Certainly not! However, the dog and cat should be predisposed to meet and  everything should happen gradually. Since these two animals are the most popular domestic pets, it may happen that the two find themselves having to live together. Instinct often leads both of them becoming unpleasant, because the cat feels threatened whilst the dog sees it as a small prey. So be careful during introductions, the two friends must be calm and in a large space. If one of the two gets upset, stop them from meeting each other. Especially when it comes to the dog, it is important that the latter is obedient and listens to your calls. If both of them are puppies, the acquaintance will certainly be easier to manage and the two could become excellent playmates in a very short time!

Dogs and cats: how to make them to get along

How to get a dog and a cat closer

As mentioned above, to understand how to approach dogs and cats, it is important to have the right information. Remember: a traumatic encounter will make it really difficult for the two animals to live together under the same roof. So how do you get a cat and dog closer? Make sure that the environment is suitable, quiet and without anything that can agitate the two animals. Both may be wary at first, so consider the initial reaction as well. If they get upset, postpone the encounter. Do not be in a hurry: both will need some time to get used to each other. If all goes well, you can start caressing both of them, thus mixing their smells. For the first meet-up, if you are not present at home, keep them in separate spaces: it is always better to have the situation under control. If the dog exhibits aggressive behaviour, catch him and try to distract him with a game. It is important that both of them learn to respect each other. Of course, have separate feeding bowls and different kitchens! If the dog is “kind” to the feline, reward him.

It is also important that the cat always has a place to hide if it wants – if it feels hemmed in it will tend to attack. A vertical scratching post is perfect! Cuddles should be given in equal measure: no preferences or there will be trouble! In some cases everything will be really easy and natural; at other times, however, it will take a little more patience but fear not, your furry friends will learn to love each other.