For us pet lovers, leaving our 4-legged friend to run free in the park next to the house, in a green field in the mountains or on a sunny beach is one of the most beautiful sensations. Watching your dog running at breakneck speed, sniffing around and playing with other animals is a source of joy; However, this emotion can often be undermined by the fear that the animal will be overcome by enthusiasm and stray too far, with the risk of getting lost. This is why it is essential to have a GPS tracker.

Over 7 million pets are lost every year in 5 major European countries; 18% are never found again. This problem particularly affects the owners of hunting dogs, who usually move away from their owner to follow their instinct and go in search of “prey”.

Perks of GPS for hunting dogs

GPS features for hunting dogs

The best gps for hunting dogs is Kippy Evo, because its revolutionary live tracking technology integrates GPS, GLONASS (the Russian global navigation satellite system), LBS (a monitoring system that triangulates telephone cells), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, allowing a real-time and precise location, even in covered or closed spaces. The integrity of the device is also guaranteed when submerged in water at a depth of 1 meter for a maximum duration of 30 minutes (IP67 waterproof certification). Kippy Evo is able to locate the animal at any time and at an unlimited distance: this makes it a perfect GPS for hunting dogs, but also a reliable aid for walks in the city park in the company of a small Poodle or very lively Jack Russell.

Another feature that a hunting dog gps should include is the possibility of delimiting a protected area, as with the “Virtual Fence” and “Virtual Leash” functions. Kippy Evo allows you to select a perimeter and receive an alert notification on the smartphone or tablet associated with the device each time the device is removed. With the gps collar for hunting dogs, you can always be sure to never lose sight of your best friend, at the same time letting him roam free to follow his instincts.

1 Perks of GPS for hunting dogs

Is Kippy Evo only suitable for hunting dogs?

Kippy Evo is not only a gps tracker for hunting dogs – it is the most advanced pet tracker on the market with an attractive and functional design, designed for dogs of all breeds and cats weighing more than 4kg. The device is produced in 3 different colors (brown wood, pink petal, green forest), giving your furry friend a stylish touch: for example, the irresistible pink case will make your dog recognizable amongst a thousand others and perfect for an “Instagrammable” snapshot to share with the entire Kippy community in the new “Story” section available in the free-of-charge app.