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GPS tracker for Cats

Kippy CAT

Kippy CAT

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Unfortunately, this product is currently out of stock: Kippy CAT will be back on sale on 15 January. If you don't want to wait, you can purchase our dog and cat GPS tracker Kippy EVO by clicking here.




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Kippy CAT is the first GPS tracker

that, in addition to offering maximum tracking accuracy, helps you take care of your pet's well-being.

Tracking Tracking Kippy


Tracking Tracking
Kippy Kippy

Tracking Never let them out of your sight. With Live Tracking you can know their location in real time and from an unlimited distance. See where they have been thanks to the location history. Tracking Discover how it works

Health Rate Health Rate Kippy

Health rate

Health Rate Health Rate
Kippy Kippy

Health rate Promote their well-being. Kippy's agorhythm assigns a personalised score on your cat's general health status, monitoring activities such as grooming, sleep and more. Health Rate Discover how it works



Kippy Kippy

Geofence Set virtual borders. No more fear of losing them. If your cat leaves the outlined area, Kippy will send you an immediate notification to alert you. GEOFENCE Discover how it works

Community Community Kippy


Community Community
Kippy Kippy

Community Share your adventures. Receive messages from your cat updating you on what they are doing. You can join our Community of Pet lovers and interact with them. Community Discover how it works

Coverage Coverage Kippy


Coverage Coverage
Kippy Kippy

Coverage Activate Kippy for use throughout Europe. Kippy has an integrated SIM card that must be activated by purchasing a service package in order to have coverage at any distance and throughout Europe. Coverage Discover the coverage

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Kippy Kippy Kippy


Weight: 23.8 g

Weight with incorporated collar: 34.8 g

Battery life

Battery life

4 days with tracking every 2 hours away from the house, 8 days with cat close to home (Energy Saving Area), 12 days with cat always close to the house



Automatic release system to prevent stroking, activated within 4 kg force



100% waterproof (IP67). Resistant to dust and immersion up to 30 minutes at 1 meter depth


Kippy CAT has a multi data SIM included. Coverage depends on the geographical area you are in. Check that the operators available for your geographical area provide 4G LTE Cat-M1 or 2G coverage in that area

Kippy is active in the countries listed below:

Available operators

How to activate the Kippy cat GPS tracker

A few steps to never losing sight of your puppy thanks to GPS tracker technology



You will receive Kippy comfortably at your doorstep and have 30 days to try it out or return it. Free of charge!



Thanks to the app, you can see your cat's real-time location, even abroad! Never lose sight of them again thanks to escape notifications and the virtual fence.



To locate your pet anywhere, your Kippy uses an integrated GSM card. We manage the SIM, and you can activate it from the app with costs starting at € 3.33 per month.



Why do I need to activate a Kippy GPS tracking service package?

Activating a Kippy GPS tracking service package is essential to ensure a complete and secure pet tracking experience. The service package enables the transmission of GPS data from the Kippy device to your smartphone via the app, ensuring constant and reliable connectivity. By choosing from the 4 service packages available, you can customise your plan to suit your needs and gain various benefits such as connectivity duration, access to additional features and dedicated customer support. This way, you can monitor your dog or cat's location in real time and ensure their safety wherever they are.
Choosing Kippy as a GPS tracker for dogs and cats is the ideal choice due to its accuracy, ease of use and advanced functionality. Kippy offers an intuitive app, a robust and waterproof design and the ability to monitor your pet's activity and health. Furthermore, with the 4 customisable service packages, you can tailor the experience to your needs and benefit from high-quality customer service. Kippy is the ideal solution to ensure the safety and well-being of your four-legged friend.
A GPS pet tracker such as Kippy works by using GPS technology and a data connection to locate and track your dog or cat easily and effectively. The device receives signals from GPS satellites to determine the exact location of your pet and transmits this information to your smartphone via the data connection.
To monitor your dog with ease, simply install and configure the Kippy GPS tracker on your pet's collar and download the Kippy app to your smartphone. Once the tracker is synchronised with your device, you can view your pet's location in real time directly on the app, set up safe zones and receive notifications in case of unexpected movements.
Kippy offers an intuitive and reliable tracking experience, ensuring the safety and well-being of your pet wherever it is. Thanks to its ease of use and the many features it offers, Kippy is the ideal solution for keeping an eye on your dog or cat and making sure they are always safe.
No, Kippy already has a SIM card with technical characteristics that make it irreplaceable with other SIM cards, and cannot be used in mobile phones
To use Kippy, follow these simple steps:

1. Purchase the Kippy device and activate a service package that suits your needs.
2. Connect the Kippy device to your pet's collar and switch it on.
3. Download the Kippy app on your smartphone and follow the instructions to synchronise the tracker with your device.
4. Via the app, you can view your pet's location in real time, set up safe zones and receive notifications if they leave these zones.
5. If you wish, use the additional functions to monitor your pet's physical activity and health.

In a few simple steps, you will have installed and configured your Kippy GPS tracker, ensuring the safety and well-being of your four-legged friend.
Yes, just download the app onto as many devices as you wish, and access them using the same credentials (email and password)
Moreover, you can register up to 5 Kippies on the same account, so you can monitor all your pets with one click!
Kippy CAT complies with RE-D and does not harm your pet’s health.
Kippy CAT is a device with a technology comparable to that of a cell phone. However, its emissions are usually lower because:
1) The significant moments of transmission to the network only concern the live tracking mode;
2) It is never in audio reception, which is the moment of highest emission;
3) In certain uses the emissions are close to zero.
No. Kippy CAT uses a different coverage technology to that found in Kippy EVO. This does not allow you to interchange service packages from one device to another. It is therefore necessary to purchase a service package for Kippy CAT once the purchase is completed or during in-app registration.
The Kippy CAT GPS collar for cats works via GSM technology, currently the most advanced.
Like the radio-wave GPS tracker, it has a GPS receiver that interacts with GPS satellites orbiting the Earth to calculate its position.
The difference, however, is that the geographical coordinates of the receiver are not transmitted to a device with radio waves, but to a smartphone or computer app via the telephone network. A satellite cat GPS tracker with GSM, using the cellular network, can locate your cat wherever it is. This is because it always searches for the nearest cellular network, so whenever your dog is in an area where there is a signal it will always be tracked. In addition, the GPS + GSM tracker also uses triangulation of phone cells and WiFi networks, so it can pinpoint your dog's location even in GPS-critical conditions.
You can activate your service package in 2 ways:
-As soon as you have finished purchasing the Kippy, on the order completion page, by clicking on the Buy Service Package button, you will be able to purchase the service package even before you receive the device. The package will not be activated at the time of purchase, but once registration in the app has been completed.
-Once you receive the Kippy, simply install the app and follow the registration instructions. Once the registration is complete, you will be redirected to the service package purchase page and can choose the solution of your choice.
To ensure safety and prevent accidental hanging or strangulation of the cat, the Kippy CAT collar is equipped with an anti-kick-off system. This feature allows it to detach easily when subjected to sudden force. The collar is designed with different weight thresholds on each end. The end with the release system icon, which is recommended to be opened in an emergency, is set to release at 6 kg, while the other end is set at 8 kg.
It depends! The Kippy CAT GPS collar is designed and made for cats with an ergonomic shape to make it as unobtrusive as possible for your cat. Therefore, each cat takes a different amount of time to get used to the collar, especially if they are not used to wearing any type of accessory around their neck. For faster adaptation, we recommend that you have your cat wear a normal collar and then replace it with Kippy CAT.