Training a dog is a process aimed at achieving its happy and peaceful integration into the family. In fact, teaching a four-legged friend means teaching it good habits to live daily life without stress or discomfort of any kind.

When talking about training, it does not only mean teaching specific commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “heel” – or others, based on the needs – but also educating them on the correct behaviors to follow in everyday life.

For example, this includes training the dog to not relieve itself inside the house, interact with other animals and people outside the family, stay on a leash during walks, respond to the owner’s call or act as a guard.

Dog training: how to make it enjoyable

Undoubtedly, anyone who chooses the company and love of a dog, whether adopting a puppy or an adult, should be aware that all dogs – regardless of their breed – should be trained and educated.

Finally, training a dog is an important moment of sharing with the human household member who is elected to become their point of reference, and a precious opportunity to create a stronger emotional bond with the four-legged friend.

How to start training a dog?

Training a dog requires love, time, consistency, and patience – these are undoubtedly the factors to respect to educate the animal in the best way possible. So, how do you start training a dog?

First and foremost, it is important to keep in mind that physical strength is not necessary to train a four-legged friend. What is necessary is the ability to give directions correctly and to understand their behavior. The owner’s attitude always plays a determining role in shaping the dog’s character and education.

1 Dog training: how to make it enjoyable

It is also fundamental to always recognize their progress and reward them with small snacks designed for special occasions. Consequently, these rewards, not being part of their daily diet, are correctly associated with a moment of gratification.

Furthermore, to avoid distractions, it is important to choose a quiet and isolated place for training, and to start with short lessons of 5 minutes and gradually increase their duration over time to maximize results.

Finally, it is pointless to give too many stimuli at the same time and expect the dog to learn many things immediately. The owner should choose what to teach their animal and educate them on one thing at a time.