What can we gift our dog for their birthday? Or any other occasion, for that matters. What can we give our dog to let me know how much we love them?

Gifts for dogs A safe haven

Some will think that, since we our dog has a roof on their head, they already have a safe haven. However, life in a household can be hectic and a safe haven is a special place in the house where we can place our dog bed, so that it is away from everyday confusion (so keep it way from the front door) or loud noises (keep it far from windows too) that might scare or irritate our dog.

A safe haven: the perfect gift for dogs

We can also place in the bed a piece of clothing with our smell and we should pair this place with plenty of pleasant things, such as cuddles, toys, treats. Nevers end a dog to their bed as a form of punishment!

What better gift than helping our dog to feel safe?

Problem solving games for dogs

We all know dog toys, but how many toys help our dog to develop their cognitive skills? Problem solving games have this function. They are based on toys with levers, drawers, things to pull and so on that our dog needs to move in order to get some treats. These dogs teach our dog to be calm and concentrate. For their birthday let’s give our dog a dose of relax and fun.

Vita Messages by Kippy Evo

Kippy EVO tracks your pet quickly and exactly, with no distance limits and even indoors.

Using the app and web app you can you will receive several messages to get to know him better and know how he is doing at any time. Vita Messages will tell you when you have reached your pets’ personalised goals, based on type, gender, age and weight. It will send hints and curiosities about food, grooming, behaviour, and health of your pet to maintain your pet’s wellbeing. You will also receive a message from your dog when you take him on long walks and will say hello to you.

Federica Pirrone, Mariangela Albertini, Patrizia Piotti researchers at UNIMI Veterinaria