What is a GPS tracker for dogs and why should you buy one?

The main function of a GPS tracker for dogs, as the name suggests, is to monitor and track the real-time location of our dog, allowing us to keep them under constant supervision and find them if they run away or get lost.

If we were to make a metaphor, we could say that the GPS tracker for dogs is the best friend of man's best friend. Just like a best friend, a GPS tracker for dogs is always by our dog's side and helps us protect them.

Present on the market for over a decade, GPS trackers for dogs have become increasingly accurate, reliable, and equipped with features that allow us to not only know the animal's location, but also its health status, and in more advanced GPS trackers for dogs like Kippy EVO, even the activities carried out during the day, such as walking, running, playing, sleeping, and more.


How does the
GPS collar for dogs work?

GPS collar for dogs primarily operates through two technologies:

  • GPS with radio waves
  • GPS with GSM (cellular network)

GPS tracker for dogs with radio waves

The GPS tracker for dogs with radio waves can be considered the ancestor of the category. A GPS receiver applied to the dog's collar uses signals from satellites to calculate its own position and transmits it to a portable device through radio waves.


Also locates where there is no cellular network.
As anticipated, there are GPS trackers for dogs that use the GPS + GSM technology (cellular network). Like a smartphone, these trackers can only function in areas with coverage, while those with radio waves do not require it.

Works without a subscription.
Unlike GPS trackers for dogs with GSM, which, using a cellular network, require a SIM card to function and therefore a subscription to activate it.


The price is extremely high.
Easily above €400. A GPS tracker for dogs with GSM like Kippy EVO has a much lower price instead.

Has basic functionality limited to position reception.
While a GPS tracker for dogs with GSM, using cellular networks, can provide valuable information about our pet through an app.

Localization has a very limited range.
When it comes to "GPS" trackers, it's usually believed that, given the use of satellites, the dog's location is unlimited. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the receiver attached to the collar is always detectable by satellites, but its position is transmitted to the portable device through radio waves which have a limited transmission range, at most a few kilometers. This means that if our dog moves away from the coverage of the radio waves, we won't be able to locate them anymore.

GPS Tracker for Dogs with GSM

The GPS tracker for dogs with GSM is currently the most advanced technology.

Like the GPS tracker with radio waves, it has a GPS receiver that interacts with GPS satellites orbiting the Earth to calculate its own position.

The difference, however, is that the receiver's geographical coordinates are not transmitted to a device with radio waves, but to a smartphone or computer app through the cellular network.


Locates the dog's position without distance limits. 
As we mentioned earlier, the GPS + radio wave tracker has very limited coverage. Additionally, cloudy skies or obstacles like buildings and vegetation can compromise reception quality. On the other hand, a satellite GPS tracker for dogs with GSM, using the cellular network, can locate your dog wherever they are. This is because it always seeks the nearest cellular network, so every time the dog is in an area with signal, they will always be traceable. Moreover, the GPS + GSM tracker also uses triangulations of cell towers and WiFi networks, so it can locate the dog even in critical GPS conditions.

Has many more features to take care of your dog.
The GPS tracker for dogs Kippy EVO, for example, has the geofence feature, which allows you to create a virtual fence around the dog and sends a notification when the fence is crossed.
Another very useful and exclusive feature on Kippy EVO is the Activity monitor. Thanks to an algorithm, Kippy EVO recognizes your friend's activities, such as walking, eating, playing, running, and sleeping, and indicates a personalized level of ideal activity to achieve.


If you live in an area with low or no cellular network coverage, then we recommend relying on a GPS tracker for dogs without a subscription (GPS with radio waves).


Best GPS for Dogs:
Without Subscription
or With Subscription?

Describing the pros and cons of the two GPS systems, the answer to the question which is the best GPS for dogs is closely related to one's own needs.

If you live in an area with low or no cellular network coverage, then we recommend relying on a GPS tracker for dogs without a subscription (GPS with radio waves).

If, on the other hand, you live in urban or suburban areas, the GPS tracker for dogs with a subscription (GPS with GSM) is the ideal choice because, in addition to providing better coverage, it offers many more services.


What are the features
of a reliable GPS tracker for
dogs with a subscription?


WEIGHT Weight and Dimensions

Since the dog will have to wear the GPS tracker all day, if it were too heavy, it might bother them, and if it were too bulky, it could get caught on something, like bushes or gates, risking injury.

The Kippy EVO tracker, for example, weighs only 38 grams and is very compact. This makes it ideal for standard-sized dogs and small dogs over 4kg.

Such a lightweight collar is often used by customers for both dogs and cats, as the latter spend a lot of their time outdoors, especially in the countryside. To meet the specific needs of our feline friends, Kippy has created the new Kippy CAT.


Features Features

As we've seen, GPS trackers for dogs with subscriptions have many more features than those without subscriptions, and Kippy EVO has one of the most extensive feature sets. These include: location tracking, geofencing, activity monitoring, a torch to better locate the dog at night, and even a personalized messaging service that provides updates on the dog's health status and tips for their well-being.


WATERPROOF Waterproofing and Durability

Two essential parameters to ensure a long life for a device designed to always be with your four-legged friend.  Kippy EVO is 100% waterproof (IP67), resistant to dust, and can be immersed up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter. The materials used are of high quality and very robust.



The longer the battery lasts, the longer you can monitor your dog's position. An ideal battery life should be around 4 days. The battery of Kippy EVO lasts up to 7 days under optimal conditions. The duration depends on various factors such as GPS and cellular coverage in the area and the functions used.



The level of GPS and GSM network coverage (if you want a subscription-based tracker) is the most important aspect to consider. Kippy EVO has GNSS satellite coverage. This means it connects not only to GPS satellites (American), but also to Glonass (Russian) and Galileo (European) satellites, ensuring that there are always satellites connected to the tracker. On the GSM side, Kippy EVO covers all of Europe and only needs a 2G network to transmit position data to the smartphone application. Additionally, it automatically connects to the best available cellular network.

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