A correct diet is fundamental for a good growth of your puppy. In order to chose the best option it is good for you to possess the correct information about what a 2 months little dog puppy eats. Let’s discover them together.

From weaning to feeding

When the puppy is born its first source of food is represented by its mother. Mother’s milk contains all nutrients crucial for its growth and antibodies. This milk is rich in proteins, energy, calcium and fats. Basically, this little ball of fur will eat mother’s milk until its ¾ week of life, then it will turn to solid food. Obviously, there are no standard rules and the schedule may change according to the dog and the breed. When the puppy turns 1 month old the weaning can begin. For this phase you have to be patient since the puppy should gradually get used to the new food. At the beginning, as it happens for kids, you should switch between mother’s milk, solid and wet food, in order to get the puppy used to the shift in its diet. Dry croquettes can be to hard for the puppy: try to make them more wet with warm water. And remember: always provide it with fresh water!

What a 2 months old little dog puppy eats

How to feed a 2 months old puppy

As anticipated above, after the fourth week the puppy is ready for weaning. But how should we feed it? The energy demand of a puppy is very high; puppies burn many calories and need many energies. From 2 months on it is possible to turn completely to solid food. Croquettes are very good, because they contain all the fundamental nutrients in the adequate amounts. Homemade food is good as well, but be careful to balance it in the right way. Pay attention to the amount of proteins you will give to your dog, from this perspective dry food is perfect: you can choose in a wide range, but do not take the cheap one, quality first! Food for puppies is very rich in proteins and energetic sources compared to the one for adults. You can ask for advice from an expert and together you can choose the best for your 2 months old puppy.