Siberian Husky breeding

Finding a Siberian Husky farm in Italy is quite easy, since there are many of them along all the peninsula, even though its origin is very far away from our country, which has been selected to tolerate colder climatic conditions.

 History of Siberian Husky breeding

It has been a companion for Siberian populations for centuries, it has begun to spread as we know it only at the beginning of last century, when it has been introduced in North America from Alaska. Siberian Husky breeding in the New Continent began to spread when these dogs showed a perfect attitude in pulling sleds as long as their attractiveness, they also contributed to the historic relay in 1925 to bring meds to the city of Nome hit by diphtheria, the same as it happens in the animation movie Balto.

Siberian Husky breeding

Today Siberian Husky breeding is spread in every corner of the world, they are appreciated for their beauty and elegance, but also for their playful and sociable personality. In Italy you can find many amateur or professional breeders that select and sell these dogs according to the international standard for kennel organizations.

Standard Siberian Husky breeding

According to this standard in breeding Siberian Husky we should deal with medium-sized dogs (max 28kg and 60cm of height) belonging to Spitz or primitive types. Their eyes are usually light blue, but there are brown eyed and heterochromatic ones. Their ears are triangular and furred as the rest of the body: the Siberian Husky is covered with a soft and warm coat with a thick an impenetrable underfur and another medium-length fur. They can be white, grey, black and red. Siberian Husky breeding delivers very elegant dogs in terms of physical appearance and movements, from this point of view It is important to remember how they are naturally predisposed to be strong and fast, so we should keep them active, otherwise they could gain weight.