Gatto siamese

Siamese cat

It has an elegant tubular shape with long and slender lines. It also has a short coat in 4 colors:

– Seal: the extremities are black. The body normally assumes a color described as “the eggshell color”. The nose is black

– Chocolate: the extremities (ears, nose, legs, tail and testicles in the male) may have different shades from light to darker brown; the surface is ice-colored or white in the finest robes. The nose is chocolate brown.

– Blue: the extremities are gray / blue. The body is in harmony with the color gradation. The nose is gray.

– Lilac point: the extremities are gray / pink and more delicate; it employs more than a year to properly pigment. The covering is not ice or white. The nose is lavender.

His personality is unique: sociable and lover of his master’s company.

It is a cat breed originating in Thailand (formerly Siam).

Its elegant appearance and his personality have led him to be considered as a royal cat.

There are many myths about Siamese, like the one that tells of a Siamese cat was worshiped as a god, after it was given the ability to accompany the souls of the dead to peace.

Another myth says that a monk gave an antique vase to a Siamese, asking him to keep it, and the cat stared so intensely the vessel that her eyes met. Still another tells of Siamese cats were used to guard the rings of a princess: the cats slid the rings on their tail, and curled that to avoid losing the rings.

It is a special cat with a long tradition, unique for its beauty and for his temper.