GPS tracking for stationary dogs makes it easier to manage your four-legged companion during hunting trips. These are dog breeds that are highly selected and trained to do their job. While the hound dog identifies the tracks of prey and pursues them in order to bring them to its owner, the hounds are such because their task is to identify where the prey has fallen and point it out to the hunter by standing there.

It goes without saying that GPS tracking for stationary dogs simplifies the whole activity since it is not always easy to manage and control your dog while you are also focused on the actual hunting activity.

They are mostly used in the hunting of birds that, once shot, must be found again. This is where the bird dog comes into play and immediately shoots to look for the spot where the prey has fallen and in this way alert its human. However, the places where hunting takes place can be difficult, so the possibility of GPS localization for stationary dogs allows the owner to see directly on a device the position of the dog on the map, verifying if it is still or if it is still moving. In this last case it will be easy to deduce its direction and speed.

GPS tracking for stationary dogs

GPS tracking to find your dog anywhere

The GPS localization for stationary dogs is an essential innovation in this activity since even if the dog goes too far away we will still be able to find its position and the same could be said in case it gets hurt for any reason.

In order for all this to work, it is necessary that the device is able to quickly calculate the position through the GPS system and to quickly transmit the information collected to the receiver. The aim of GPS tracking for stationary dogs is precisely that of live tracking of the dog, i.e. the possibility of having a very frequent update of the position, at intervals of a few seconds, so that the result is a real-time monitoring of movements. The combination of GPS, Bluetooth and wi-fi today can largely meet this need and offer a GPS location for dogs to stop of all respect.