Small, friendly and very affectionate, the French Bulldog or French Bouledogue is a dog with a compact and massive build, ‘bat-like’ ears and a flattened muzzle. Affectionate and sociable, it’s a perfect companion dog, but what is the best diet and vegetable French bulldog allowed?

Vegetables for French Bulldogs

French Bulldog vegetables? Find out which vegetables are best suited to this breed. Fruits and vegetables are also an essential part of the French Bulldog’s healthy diet. They contain little fat and calories for taste and are also a great reward for your four-legged friend. Which vegetables are suitable for your Bulldog? The French Bulldog loves vegetables with a crunchy texture, such as raw green beans, carrots or celery, but also pumpkin, spinach and Brussels sprouts.

French bulldog vegetables

These vegetables are rich in healthy vitamins and minerals for your Bulldog, but also a balanced source of fibre to maintain intestinal regularity. To make the vegetables more digestible, however, they can be steamed or boiled in a pot. Raw potatoes, which contain the toxin solanine, should be avoided. They should be cooked, but in small quantities. Pulses such as beans and peas should also be eaten in small quantities. Avoid onions, garlic, chives and shallots, which are poisonous to the French Bulldog. Steamed corn is permitted, but in low quantities for your French Bulldog.

French Bulldog nutrition

Vegetables for the French Bulldog, but not only Fruit’s also perfect for the French Bulldog, from sliced apples to melon, from seedless watermelon to bananas and blueberries and raspberries. Oranges, peaches and cherries, pitted and seedless of course, and pineapple cut into pieces are also perfect, but avocados, which are toxic for dogs, should be avoided.