Even for people who want to buy cat collars, Black Friday and the following Cyber Monday represent two of the most anticipated consumer events of the year thanks to the promises they herald of great discounts and unmissable offers. As we all know, they originate from the US and in recent years they’ve also become popular over here, especially when it comes to technology products.

This year, buying Black Friday cat collars could be a winning idea since recently the main players in this sector have been working to make the tracking devices more and more efficient and compact. Though in the past these devices may have been rather bulky so they could only be used for dogs, now the technology has advanced enough that we can have GPS collars for cats which aren’t uncomfortable or intrusive for our four-legged friend.


Black Friday GPS cat collars

GPS technology has existed for a very long time, but it was only when it began to become part of the standard equipment of smartphones that it became widespread, and now the efforts made to improve it allow us to even have GPS modules on small items like smartwatches. This means that today, even Black Friday cat collars are not only feasible but in fact are already a reality which allows us to track all our cat’s movements in real time.

Black Friday cat collars: real-time tracking

But it may be surprising to think that GPS was born as a military technology, a satellite navigation system managed by the US government but open to anyone who’d like to use it. It isn’t the only navigation system but it’s become the best one: for example, GLONASS was made by the Russians and today in most cases it supports the GPS system to deal with its limits and malfunctions. So when you buy a Black Friday cat collar, check that the tracker supports all the most common tricks used to refine the GPS, like the combination with GLONASS, the presence of A-GPS and all those useful solutions which improve the time the satellite takes to connect.

Finally, remember that it doesn’t stop at location – Black Friday cat collars offer plenty of functions which are not only related to tracking the position in real time but also monitor the activities carried out by your cat, so before making your choice it’s good to know what our needs are and which option best meets them.