The Golden Retriever is born in Great Britain in the middle of the XIX Century thanks to Lord Tweedmouth, a Scottish nobleman that selected this breed for the first time. The Golden is born by the crossbreeding of a yellow Retriever with a Tweed Water Spaniel, resulting in a golden and wavy fur and a sea dog aptitude. Golden Retriever was selected as a retriever dog and its success was immediate, while first farms of these dogs began to pop up around the eve of XX Century. In Italy it arrived around 1985 and it has become renowned internationally. White Golden Retriever has become very popular only in recent years.

White Golden Retriever, its features

There are three different types of Golden retriever: the British Golden retriever, the American Golden and the Canadian Golden Retriever.

When we talk about White Golden Retriever we refer to the British one that usually have a light color fur, instead of the American one, usually with a darker fur and a slender body. The Canadian one is taller and narrower comparing to the British one.

White Golden Retriever

The British Golden Retriever with a white – cream coloring belongs to the english original breed, but it is not truly pure white, since the lighter color is generally a pale cream color, but when we talk about White Golden Retriever we refer to the British one.

The color of the Golden Retriever tends to become darker as soon as it becomes an adult. Puppies generally have darker ears and other parts of the body, but in two years all their fur becomes darker.

TheWhite Golden Retriever is a retriever dog that has been selected for its different attitudes, its memory, being meek and intelligent. These very qualities make dogs loved by many people: Golden Retriever is an intelligent and equilibrate dog, affectionate and friendly with family members, with children, but also sociable with strangers and other dogs. It lets people train it being meek and intelligent, it loves outdoor activities and playing, but it can adapt to city life. It is not a watchdog or a defender and it does not like solitude.