Whether it is dry or moist food, what matters is the quality. Among the most popular diets, in the first place we find dry kibbles but this is not the only possible choice. What can be given to the dog instead of kibble? Let’s find out here.

Kibble, moist food or home-prepared?

When it comes to feeding there are many different schools of thought about the best solution for dogs. What is certain is that high quality should always have priority. Kibble is the most popular choice, but lately many prefer to prepare the food directly with their hands. So what is the right solution? There is no answer, every solution can be good for your dog as long as it provides the right balance of all the nutrients essential for his health. Kibbles are the best in this respect because they contain the right amount of proteins, vitamins, fibres, etc. Handy and practical, they are also perfect when it comes to traveling. On the market there are many types, suitable for every need and for every age group. Moist food, on the other hand, is much tastier and is usually used as a plus to dry food. A nice bowl of kibble with a teaspoon of moist food would be a delight for the palate! Another alternative is food from our table, prepared with your own hands. If on the one hand you can be sure of the quality, on the other hand you will have to pay a lot of attention to the balance of the diet.

What you should give your dog instead of kibble

How to prepare your dog’s diet at home

If you have decided to opt for a do-it-yourself diet, then it is good to know all the necessary information to guarantee your furry friend quality and balance. If, in fact, in the kibble all the nutrients are already balanced, in the homemade diet you will have to balance everything. Leftovers are not recommended as the main diet, they certainly do not have the right nutritional balance. You can also contact your veterinarian who will evaluate with you the right food for your dog. Usually the proportions are as follows: 70% boiled fish or meat without salt or condiments, 15% boiled vegetables and 15% cereals and fiber. Depending on the age of the dog, then, there could be variations: a puppy and an adult dog do not eat in the same way. That’s why when you choose the kibble, you will be able to find directly those suitable for puppies, adults and yes, even for old dogs! It is good, however, that the diet is balanced, you can vary the vegetables and cereals but watch out for the protein: too abrupt changes in diet can cause problems to the dog’s intestine. Once you have found his favorite food, all you have to do is prepare it for him with all your love.