Unfortunately, even our four-legged friends can get sick and having a fever. But how can you realize when this happens? What should you do in this case? Don’t be afraid, here’s all you need to know.

How to tell if the dog has got fever

You probably won’t need much time to realize when your dog is not feeling well, you just need to pay attention to his behavior. As it happens for human beings, fever is also for dogs a spotlight for infection and illness. Normal temperature for dogs is around 38.1 and 38.9 degrees, it is higher than ours. If you do not possess a thermometer, here they are some symptoms to consider in order to know if the dog has got fever: warm and dry nose, apathy and unusual edginess, wet eyes, tremors, high body temperature, ears and stomach warmer than usual. If your dog has these symptoms and his behavior is unusual it is highly likely he has got fever. Contact your veterinarian in order to have more information on its health. Fever can occur after a vaccination; if that is the case don’t worry!

What to do if the dog gets fever

What to do when the dog has got fever

What should you do once you know how your dog is feeling? Looking at its symptoms is important to understand if the dog has got fever; in addition to the ones above you can notice poor appetite, sleepiness, sadness. So, if you know your little furry friend it won’t be hard to understand he is not feeling well. If you have a thermometer you can try to get his temperature, or let your veterinarian do it for you. It should be used by anal insertion, this is the best method to get the right temperature. In order to solve this problem you should always have fresh water with you, your dog should always be properly hydrated. Water should always be warm, try to avoid drastic changes in temperature. Fever can highlight some inflammation or some serious pathology, you should never underestimate the problem. It is up to you veterinarian to decide what to do, do not administrate medication on your own. If everything goe sas it should, your little pet will get well very soon in few days!