If you are wondering what is needed to train a dog, accessories, various gadgets, books, etc., you should know that everything can be useful but certainly what is mainly needed is a lot of dedication and a lot of work. A lot also depends on the objective that you and your dog are setting yourselves. Maybe you just want to make sure that you stay in shape or instead you are planning a training in view of some agility dog competition.

In any case there are no big secrets in this field so when you think about what you need to train a dog, basic accessories like collar and harness apart, you can use the different tools and obstacles provided by the agility dog which are not only useful in view of the exhibitions but they are in any case very good tools to keep the animal in shape doing physical activity.

There are various of them, just think that in an official competition there are at least 15, some simpler, others more complex to teach and to perform also since they require to the dog a more demanding athletic gesture. Crossing a gangway can be difficult to teach and the long jump will require a greater effort from a strictly physical and technical point of view.

What it takes to train an accessory dog

How to choose the right tool?

The choice of the right tool should also be accompanied by careful and precise monitoring of your dog’s activities. In these cases, the thing you need to train a dog is an apparently simple but extremely functional accessory – the GPS tracking collar integrated with all the activity tracking functions.

With this device, during training sessions, you will first of all have one less worry since even if the dog goes away you will always be able to find them again without any problem, but above all you will be able to automatically record all the activities that the dog does during the training session and understand when it is time to stop or push a little more. The calculation of calories also allows you to have a rough idea of the energy consumption and then plan a diet calibrated to the training activities.

So now you know what is needed to train a dog, accessories, tools and everything useful and to have a fit and sporty dog.