The bond that forms between the dog and the owner depends on the chosen breed, we should always bear in mind that the breed gives the dog a temperamental “frame” plus an equilibrate education. We surely have cuddlier breeds than others.

The 10 most affectionate breeds
  1. Golden Retriever
    This wonderful large-sized do is famous for its blond fur and for its sweet and expressive eyes. It’s a meek and playful dog, very fond of its family.
  2. Labrador
    Close relative of the Golden Retriever, the labrador alternates moments of great playfulness and lazyness that make it perfect for Sunday session of cuddles on the sofa.
  3. Poodles
    This is a very calm dog, both the small and the large one. Poodle loves being in the spotlight regarding human issues, that it observes with a strong protection ideal, it loves physical contact and it is very suitable for interaction with babies.
  4. French Bulldog
    French Bulldog, or Bouledogue, is a little and stubborn molossian, funny and very affectionate. This type of dog tends to identify a leader of the pack towards which goes its complete devotion, but it can spread love to all the family.
  5. Beagle
    The Beagle is a pointer with great hunter skills, even if it is one of the most peaceful animal in the animal kingdom. A feature that makes it very devote and affectionate.
  6. Jack Russell
    These little warriors have a lively personality, fierce and playful, but once the quarrels are over they become soft plushes that spark joy in our days.
  7. Bull Terrier
    Beyond their particular physical appearance and impetuosity, these dogs need much physical contact and attentions.
  8. Volpino
    Volpino is a very protective dog toward its family, but when it is not patrolling it is a cuddly one that loves “chatting” and spending time with its family members.
  9. German Shepherd
    German Shepherd tends to be evasive, it prefers showing the owner its affection by playing and being helpful. That is why everyone loves it, beyond its beautiful figure.
  10. Border Collie
    These dogs have an uncommon intelligence and a strong emphaty towards humans.