All the best small sized dog breeds for children

Small sized dogs are the best choice for those who live in a flat, but these breeds are also the less suitable for families with children. Usually a small sized dogs is impetuous and less patient and could not tolerate children attentions: but there are also some small sized breeds inclined to interact with children and it is necessary a proper socialization of the dog during the first months. As it is for the dog, the child has to be also educated to interact with the dog, in order for him to respect it and play with it. But Which are the small sized dogs suitable for children? Let’s find it out together.

Small sized dogs for children


It is a very small sized an long furred dog, it has a calm temperament, calmer compared to other small sized dogs’.  It is playful and lively: it is children’s best friend. It is patient and affectionate and loves company and cuddles.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King is a dog with an elegant look, affectionate and meek, particularly suitable for families with kids. It is friendly and lively, very active and very sociable. It is stubborn and obedient, it is a perfect playmate for children.


It is a dog with a sociable and affectionate temperament: it is particularly lively and exuberant, but it is also meek and calm. It is very energic and tireless, perfect as playmate for hyperactive children.


It is a lively and intelligent dog. It is very calm and it loves comfort and its family, it is used to be around children. Patient and very affectionate, it is suitable for calm and not particularly active children. It does not tolerate solitude.


It is a perfect watchdog, very affectionate, intelligent and protective. It loves children and it is a dog that sparks energies alla round. Sociable and funny, it has a lively personality.

Jack Russell

Funny and very lively, intelligent and active, it is the perfect playmate for very active children. It loves playing and it is super reliable even with little child, it is funny, strong, but it also loves cuddles


It is an affectionate dog, loyal towards the owner and very sensitive. It loves its family and it is very willingly for playing with children.