Hairless dogs are quite rare but not impossible to come by. They are dogs characterized by having smooth and hairless skin which is pleasant to the touch. There are a variety of hairless dog breeds, some of which are very unique. There are also small hairless dogs notable for having coats with different coloured patches.

Breeds of this kind include: the Chinese Crested Dog with its dappled coat; the Abyssinian Sand Terrier which is characterized by brown patches on its white coat, and the American Hairless Terrier with its patchy coat coming in a variety of colours.

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Small hairless dogs with patches

There are some breeds of hairless dogs that have coats with different coloured patches. Find out about of these breeds here.

The Chinese Crested is a dog which has no fur on its body but boasts an impressive crest of long hair on its head. They love human touch, sitting on the couch and being in close contact with their family. They come in a large variety of colours with different combinations of patches in black, salt and pepper, and earth tones.

Small hairless dogs with patches

The Abyssinian Sand Terrier, or African hairless dog, is one of the oldest existing hairless breeds. They come in a variety of tones of grey with light, pinkish spots distributed randomly on their coats. Be careful to take care of their skin because they are prone to sunburn and be sure to invest in professional training as they can be a stubborn breed.   

The American Hairless Terrier is completely hairless apart from its eyebrows and moustache. It has a white coat which can be monchromatic or have patches in a variety of colours and shapes ranging from stripes to patches in black, blue, pink, brown and light brown. Lighter coloured dogs can also become tanned in the sun. They are the perfect dogs for apartment living and are very sociable and affectionate with their owners and especially gentle with children.