Siberian Husky breeding, because it is important to choose the right one

In order to buy Siberian Husky, the farm is a better choice for many reasons. It is important to know that a Siberian Husky puppy can be adopted only after the second or third month of its life, so the first phase of its life and education is completely entrusted to people that professionally or as amateur raise them since they know many more things compared to a private or a given shop. There are also some places that deal with Siberian Husky breeding only or with very other few breeds.

Siberian Husky breeding

Siberian Husky breeding

Breeding should also guarantee that the dog you buy is a purebred through a valid pedigree, that you can never have in some other ways. The breeder is a reference point and a guide for those who are first timers for this kind of dog, since they are not so easy to manage. Even if they are intelligent and sociable they still remain independent and lively animals, not so keen on being trained and follow orders. Their mentality is a leader of the pack one, so they easily adapt to families, even with small children, since they consider them as puppies of the pack to protect. But at the same time, in order to better manage them, they should perceive the owner as the leader of the pack.

Farms with or without affix

Taking a Siberian Husky in a farm consent a better management in taking it towards the new family and looking for a gradual relationship between dog and humans. In Italy there are many farms in every region, some are professionals, other amateurs, some associated with the Italian Kennel Organization (ENCI) and some others not, but it is important to find very competent and trustworthy people, who can give you guaranteed on their training methods for Siberian Husky. The affix granted by ENCI consent the farm to attribute their own denomination to dogs born there, as long as they meet some requirements.