Siberian Husky is one of the most sought-after and attractive dog breeds for physical appearance and personality. Their light blue eyes and the typical plush coat match with the elegance in movements and an uncommon determination.

Siberian Husky’s journey from northern Russia to Italy

As the name suggests, Siberian Husky has north-eastern Russia origins, from Siberia precisely, where the indigenous population of Chucki has selected and raised them for centuries not only as companion animals, but also (or mostly) as working animals useful for pulling sleds. Body morphology in Siberian Husky is the meeting point between strength and speed, so when they have been first introduced in Alaska they met an extraordinary success, since their size was smaller compared to the one of the dogs used for pulling sleds, but with the same effectiveness, If not better. Since then Siberian Husky have been introduced in America and then in all over the world and also in Italy, where many breeders select and raise this breed.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky behavior and personality

They are very playful animals that preserved their hunter wild spirit, but they have adapted to domestic life: no more work and herd, but family and so much desire to play. Siberian Husky is a very sociable dog, also keen to find a herd and so very sociable with people, even strangers, so it is not suitable to be a guardian dog. It was born to work, but it turns out to be an energic breed, Siberian Husky really appreciate open space activities with their owners, maybe jogging together, and thanks to their fur they are suitable for colder seasons and hot temperatures without the need to cut their fur (you should avoid this). It is very important for their health to encourage these preferences, otherwise they could gain weight.