A satellite dog collar on Amazon has the power to reassure many anxious pet owners who are always worried about their four-legged friends getting lost or even stolen. For a while, dog-tracking devices were the preserve of the hunting world, where dogs run around wide-open spaces chasing prey and it isn’t always easy to find them. The spread and increasing efficiency of GPS technology has led to a boom in popularity for tracking systems for both animals and objects.

Also, the sales channels are more open: sets of GPS devices with the attached handheld which are widely used in hunting were only sold by specialist websites or directly by manufacturers, while for a satellite collar for dogs Amazon offers a wide enough range; from the simplest solutions to the most feature-rich, everyone will be able to find the model which best suits their needs.

GPS in the satellite collar

GPS technology has no limits on where it can be used; it’s based on a network of satellites which can cover practically the entire globe. Furthermore, there are various measures which make it possible to calculate the position quite precisely, with a margin of error of a few metres, even in particular situations which can affect the immediacy and precision of the detection: the times for the first coupling, a stationary subject or the presence of obstacles which can affect the strength of the signal.

Satellite dog collar amazon

To this we then have to add all the different functions which the various manufacturers decide to implement, such as the ability to create a virtual fence, i.e. to define an area in which your dog can move around freely, with a notification being sent if this “virtual” barrier is crossed.

Then there’s the whole part dedicated to controlling the animal’s activities: the combination of sensors and algorithms allows you to know what your dog is doing during the day, when he runs, when he sleeps, how many calories he’s consumed, etc. Basically, it’s a mature technology and with a satellite dog collar, Amazon has given you the opportunity to not have to worry so much about your four-legged friend.