Satellite collars for hunting dogs are an essential tool for those who train this type of dog, but also for those who habitually practice hunting. Compared to a more urban or residential context, bringing your four-legged friend in wide open spaces and in the middle of nature involves some more risk and at the same time different attentions will be necessary.

Hunting satellite collars features

The fundamental requirement of satellite collars for hunting dogs is to be precise and responsive. The data collected by the GPS is integrated with the location based on Bluetooth and wi-fi to give you a very precise calculation of the position with a very small margin of error. Among trees, bushes and tall grass even a range of values a few meters in determining the exact position can cause problems. The solution adopted for satellite collars for hunting dogs is to maintain constant communication between the GPS collar and the receiver so that you can always know the position of your companion and see in real time in which direction and at what speed they’re moving.

Satellite collars for hunting dogs

Today, even the most common devices that we can find on Amazon or other online stores allow to adequately perform these functions without having to resort to specific satellite collars for hunting dogs and, therefore, useful only in that context. The price is also lowered by eliminating the receivers with topographic maps that are instead replaced by our smartphones. All the technology that satellite collars for hunting dogs need is, in fact, present in any smartphone from the lowest to the highest range so it becomes unnecessary and superfluous having to tinker with a special device to communicate with the collar.

The most recent ones are also equipped with a GSM module, the mobile phone connection also known as 2G with which the collar can transmit its position to servers that we can then access even if we are on the other side of the world. The problems of range and capacity, as well as those relating to the use of radio frequencies, become in this way problems overcome without having to give up any feature.