Are you thinking of getting a dog at home and do you think that choosing a female dog is the best thing to do? Then all you need to do is to evaluate purebred dogs in order to be able to welcome home the dog that best suits your needs.

Purebred female dogs, why

The purebred dog is a purebred dog because in the past, man selected the specimens according to the type of work they were to carry out, from companion dogs to herding dogs and hunting dogs. Subsequently, a selection linked to appearance and aesthetics also took over, but choosing purebred female dogs can be useful in order to know in advance the characteristics of the future adult dog. Therefore, if we buy a purebred dog, we know more or less what type of dog we are buying with all its characteristics, not only physical but also character. But the risk is that there may also be hereditary anomalies resulting from the mating of dogs of the same breed, from dysplasia to dermatitis to ear or respiratory problems. It is best to check the origin of the puppy and the seriousness of the breeder.

Purebred female dogs

Purebred female dogs, the most common

But what are the most common purebred dogs? It all depends on the type of dog we are looking for, size to function, family and living situation. If you are looking for purebred dogs that are suitable for a family with children, then Labradors and Golden Retrievers are perfect. The large Labrador is tame and patient, loves being with family and is very affectionate. The Golden, very similar, is large in size, calm and very loyal to its family. The German Shepherd, on the other hand, is a very versatile dog, excellent for companionship, easy to train and with a great protective instinct. The Beagle or the Jack Russell, on the other hand, are hyperactive and energetic dogs, perfect for the flat as long as they can let off steam and play outdoors every day.